The Road to Damassine

by Alphasun

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A mixture of acoustic and synth-backed songs with a wide range of tempos. Original, high-quality lyrics and arrangements.
Damassine? It's a fragrant Swiss schnapps made from a damson that came from Syria (Damascus).


released January 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Alphasun Ireland

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Track Name: Stars in Hawaii
Stars in Hawaii
Words and music © Paul Nash 2005

They're still crystal clear,
Those times when we kissed all
Fear away
So you'll understand
Why I still think of what we planned
On a distant day?

I know we'll never
See the stars in Hawaii
Or surf on forever
On a dream-wave, you know why…
Rainbows led me on
And your sparkling laughter
Till the rain was gone
Then the desert came after.

Seems so far behind,
That loving blue-sky day,
Like those things they find
When they dig a new highway

But my memory flies on
Searching, never landing
Beyond the horizon
To where you are standing


Sometimes in a dream
The clouds blow away
And the stars seem to guide me
To that shore
But I wake and the beach is just a floor
And you're not beside me…

There is no road back,
Just a moment of flying,
Like the shining track
Of a shooting star dying

How will it turn out,
The end of our story –
Break up and burn out
Or shine on in glory?
Track Name: So I Take My Leave

So I take my leave
Down that same old road;
Distance can deceive
[How] But those green hills glowed.


Thinking of you but travelling alone
Nearly turned my heart to stone;
There at my side like a ghostly bride
You kept me for your own.

Walk another mile
Trying not to turn;
Paint on a new smile, [oh yeah,]
Stay bright, but don't burn.

Lady at her door
Watching her last day;
One look then no more,
Life took me away.

The same sun shone through you
All those lonely days;
And now it's shining through
My dreams like x-rays.

Bridge 2

Closing the door, walking out in the light
I forget you a while and I can live
Till I'm adrift on the waves of the night,
Then I ask how much more I can give.

So I take my leave
Of time and sense and joy,
Of love I still believe
Nothing could destroy.

I drink to your charms
And love in your eyes
Though you left my arms
Like a deer that flies.

So I take my leave
Down that same old road;
Distance can deceive
But how those green hills glowed.