Where Has the Summer Gone?

by Alphasun

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Ballad with acoustic guitar accompaniment. This song won an Honourable Mention in Mike Pinder's Songwars competition, Jan 2009.


Where Has the Summer Gone
Words and music©Paul Nash 2008
Sandymount Songs


And where has the Summer gone?
No swallows in the park,
And where is your green chiffon?
You hung it up in the dark;
And where is that Summer fire?
Only an ember now,
Those long days of desire?
Oh yes, it's November now,
We’re moving into
Days of Winter.


I watch the memories play
Those scenes of you and I,
The churches count down to day
But my angel won’t drop by;
The moon visits now and then
But looks so pale and cold
The magic it gave us when
It used to shine big and gold
Has left the room
Like your perfume

And I don't see your eyes
Just these November skies.


So where did our Summer go
The loving and the fun,
And only the swallows know
How never to lose the sun;
But I know where it's gone,
Back where you took my heart,
It’s somewhere where we go on,
Together and never part
Love never dwindling,
Ever kindling.


There all the Summers last,
In a place called the past.


Now everything's for one,
The dream stopped coming true,
The goodbyes are never done;
At night I still reach for you,
And walking in mountain snow
Among the frosty trees,
I hear your voice soft and low
Beside me, for as I freeze
On Winter hills
Hopes feel like thrills.


They’ve advertised a show
With posters big and bright
But now we never go
Anywhere any night.
The anaesthetic day
Wears off as evening comes;
You and sleep stay away
So I sing a song that numbs
The painful stuff
But not enough.

If your voice is there
I don't have a care
You smiling my way
Drives the clouds away

But I don't see your eyes
Just these November skies.


released January 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Alphasun Ireland

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